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Phase I: recreational boating allowed -private and commercial- and its limitations

Phase I: recreational boating allowed -private and commercial- and its limitations


On the occasion of the entry into Phase I from today recreational navigation, private and commercial, is again allowed although with limitations.


The rule that establishes the possibility of sailing is the TMA/400/2020 Order, of 9 May, published yesterday Sunday. The conditions set out in this new Order are as follows:

  • People who are domiciled on the same island where the boat is moored are allowed to sail.
  • You cannot exceed 50% of that of the authorised persons on the certificate of seaworthiness, unless they are persons who live at the same address in which case you can embark on the total number of persons indicated on the certificate. In any case, the number of ten people on board cannot be exceeded.
  • Boat owners are allowed to go to the ports to see the status of the boats regardless of the municipality in which they reside. (The conditions for accessing the boats can be found in the previous publication).
  • Nautical jet skis and ribs or pleasure boats can be rented, but only to people residing on the island where the charter company or business is located.
  • If nautical jet skis are rented, only one person on board may go unless they are persons who live in the same home in which case the number established by the manufacturer may go.
  • If boats or pleasure craft are rented, only 50% of the persons who indicate the certificate of navigability will be allowed, unless they live in the same home. And in any case, without exceeding the number of 10 people.
  • Measures should be taken to disinfect and comply with the hygiene standards on the vessels.
  • Navigation may not exceed 12 miles from the port or mooring facility from which navigation begins.
  • These conditions may be supplemented by others imposed by the regional authorities.

It is another step towards normality, but unfortunately there is still the most serious limitation for charter companies which is a ban on international flights.