Specialists in recreational maritime and nautical law in the Balearics

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The office

The practice led by Leon von Ondarza began its journey in 1993, focusing on Maritime Law and specifically recreational boating.

From this specialised position, the firm offers advice on the various aspects affecting ships and leisure vessels.

  • Civil claims.
  • Pre-emptive seizure of ships (maritime debt).
  • Claims to insurers.
  • Claims resulting from maritime rescue, accidents in navigation and salvage.
  • Administrative procedures: relating to state as well as autonomic administration and, in particular, the disciplinary proceedings following infraction cases in civil nautical matters.
  • Ship and vessel taxation.
  • Consulting for charter businesses: as an integral part of the firm’s provided services, we offer advice on all aspects relating to nautical leasing or charter of boats and recreational vessels.
  • Registration and flagging of vessels; changes in ownership, name, listing, registered home port.
  • Licenses to exercise the activity of marine leasing (charter)
  • Creation of companies, qualifications, authorizations for ships of Spanish or foreign flag.


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Leon von Ondarza





León von Ondarza Fuster, overt head of the professional team that makes up LVOF Lawyers, is a graduate of Law from Universidad de Navarra (1992). He specialised in Maritime Law with a Master’s from Instituto Europeo de Estudios Marítimos (IEEM Gijón, 1993) and is a registered colleague at the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de las Baleares (ICAIB, 1994).

By virtue of his early specialisation and in-depth knowledge of the field, he also began his teaching role in various nautical academies, later post-graduate degrees at university level, while pairing these academic endeavours with the publishing of various works and articles in maritime legislation. Furthermore, he is secretary of the Spanish large-yacht association Asociación Española de Grandes Yates (AEGY) since its creation in 2006, as well as member of the Spanish Maritime Law Association, Asociación Española de Derecho Marítimo (AEDM).




Ana del Valle Cervigón, a graduate of Marina Civil from Facultad de Náutica de Barcelona (1999), with a subsequent Master’s in Shipping Business from Facultad de Náutica de Barcelona (2000). Also holds certification as Expert Appraiser / Malfunction Inspector (Perito/Comisario de Averías) for SEA SURVEY S.L.2000-2002.

n the year 2002, Ms del Valle also taught, in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Balearic Government for the professional degree of Coastal Pattern Polyvalent, and she is a Teacher of the nautical-sports qualifications PER, P. Yate, Yacht Captain, as well as the Professional Recreation Master.

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From the point of view of Civil Law, we cover claims relating to liability, such as in the case of family law issues, leases, real estate, contracting, etc.


As for trade law, we offer business consulting. Tender and enterprise law, etc.


Regarding Administrative Law, apart from the paperwork and document management to be discussed below, we carry out all forms of administrative procedures and lodgement of claims or objections resulting from the latter procedures.


With regard to the taxation of ships and recreational boats, we take care of advising in relation to the Registration Tax or Special Tax on certain means of transport, the Tax on Capital Transfers and VAT.

Nautical Consulting

Of special interest and care for our office are issues concerning the vessel itself. Given the uniqueness of our islands and the boom in navigation that our Autonomous Community has experienced for some time now, we devote preferential attention to all matters relating to sports, recreational and profit-oriented seafaring. We are devoted to the documentation process for registration and flagging of vessels; boat purchase contracts; property changes; engine changes; list changes; entry in the Registry of Personal Property and any and all aspects of procedure for vessels. We also process navigation permits for rental purposes throughout the Balearic archipelago. Our experience in the nautical sector allows us to advise you on all matters within and around the maritime industry.

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Presentation 9. Diari de l'expedició santanyinera al voltant de Mallorca, 1899



Foto noticia Presentation 9. Diari de l'expedició santanyinera al voltant de Mallorca, 1899

Inflatable and semi-rigid boats registration


Hace un año publiqué en el nº 433 de la Revista Skipper un artículo que trataba del registro de embarcaciones neumáticas y semirrígidas de alta velocidad creado por la Aduana y que se regula en el Real Decreto-Ley 16/2018, de 26 de octubre, por el que se a...

Foto noticia Inflatable and semi-rigid boats registration

AEGY receives recognition from UIB



Foto noticia AEGY receives recognition from UIB

Provisional attachment of vessels as precautionary measure


na de las figuras jurídico-procesales más peculiares del Derecho Marítimo es sin duda el embargo preventivo de buque regulado por el Convenio Internacional sobre el embargo preventivo de buques, hecho en Ginebra el 12 de marzo de 1999, y por los artículos 470 a 479 de la ...

Foto noticia Provisional attachment of vessels as precautionary measure

Focus Group del proyecto MedSkippers en la sede de APEAM con la participación de AEGY representada por León von Ondarza


Ayer tuvo lugar el "Focus Group" del proyecto @MedSkippers en la sede de APEAM, a la que acudió invitado León von Ondarza como representante de AEGY (asociación española de grandes yates). MedSkippers pretende crear una red internacional de patrones profe...

Foto noticia Focus Group del proyecto MedSkippers en la sede de APEAM con la participación de AEGY representada por León von Ondarza
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